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Solution and How to Benefit From the Pandemic Coronovirus

Businesses and stock markets globally are struggling to stay afloat with the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

Millions of people under lockdown are now turning to digital means to continue with their daily life as the first stage of something like this is panic. It seems like the end of the world. But where there is a problem there is always a solution and where there’s a solution there’s always an opportunity.

E-commerce in particular will benefit as closings of physical stores & fear of public places should accelerate the secular shift of retail online, which we believe will prove sustainable even after the crisis ends. The coronavirus pandemic has sent global markets are reeling as investors brace for how the spread of the virus will hinder global growth.

Still, there are some bright spots in the market. E-commerce in particular will benefit as closings of physical stores & fear of public places should accelerate the secular shift of retail online, which we believe will prove sustainable even after the crisis ends.

People around the world have been told to practice social distancing to curb the spread of the virus. That’s meant cancelling trips, working from home, ordering food in, and stockpiling staples such as non-perishable food and toilet paper. As people increasingly look for the best ways to work and live in the confines of their homes.

If you are worried about your particular industry I’ve come up with a few ideas that may help you.

RESTAURANTS (Hardest hit)

You’re going to need to figure out how to thrive during this time with take out and delivery. Things you can do include:

  • Change your site to be more of an online menu.
  • Add lots of high res photos for each entree so people know what they’re ordering.
  • Give people the ability to add menu items to a cart and checkout with the click of a button.
  • Give people the ability to add their credit card and then be able to just re-order whenever they want something with one click.
  • Start an facebook campaign that shows people that you’re still open and you have plenty of food and that you can bring it to them.


  • Set up zoom meetings right from your site where you can walk people through properties by sharing a screen with them while they’re seeing your face on video.


If your clients are avoiding spending money on ads then now is the time to tell them they need to update their websites accordingly for this new virtual world we live in. Now is the time to advertise on facebook more than ever like the restaurant example above.

People are doing nothing but sitting on their computers at home. Facebook and Netflix are all a lot of people are doing. And ads are cheaper right now because of what’s going on.

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Now is a fantastic time to get people that have ever considering taking the leap for an online business. The entire world is online right now and only a few of us can still make money while sitting at home in our pajamas.


Now is a great time for companies to update their websites to work for all of their remote employees. Everything from online meetings right from their website, to having all of your forms accessible for people to fill out or download online to selling your products online.


This should be a fantastic time for you right now. This is your Super Bowl. You should be doubling down right now and really getting your name out there. People are going to be sitting home for what could be months and they’re going to be bored and they’re going to start spending money for something to do.


Now is the time to set up online classes and do virtual classes! You can learn how to incorporate ZOOM right into your website and give classes and even one on one personal training.


If you can’t go out and do jobs then maybe now is the time to add videos HOW TO’s to your website and give people tips on how to fix stuff. Have people add their name and email address in order to watch. Now you’re building a list you can market to once this is over.


Now is the time to set up your websites so that you can facilitate meetings via zoom right from your home office.


If your website isn’t up to par. Now is the time to make sure that it is and set it up so that it converts more customers.

Stay strong! 💪 This is our time to shine.

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