Hesi A2 Hints

HOW MANY QUESTIONS ARE THERE IN THE HESI EXAM? There are 326 questions in the HESI A2 exam. 

You will be tested on different sections in all categories. There are 9 categories on the HESI A2 entrance exam. These include Math, science, and reading skills. There is also a personality profile test and a learning style test at the end of the exam. Most schools require it while some others might not. 

How much does the exam cost? Every school is different so for the HESI A2 entrance exam you should expect to pay about $35 to $80. 

What is the exam for? This exam is used to test Individuals academic readiness who are preparing to enter nursing school. 

Are we allowed to use a calculator on the exam? Yes, if you are taking it in person this school may allow you to use a calculator but if you are taking it online, your Proctor may or may not allow you to use a calculator. Meanwhile do not worry because during the exam you will be provided with a basic calculator on the computer screen. 

How many hours are given for the exam? You may be given up to four hours to complete the entire sections you needed. 

Do I have to take all the sections in the exam? No, you only take the sections your school required and leave the rest. 

How many times can I take the test? Most schools only allow you to take the HESI A2 exam twice in 2 years. Some may allow three and few may allow you to take it once per year. 

When should I start studying for the exam? you should start to study months before the exam but if it\’s not possible for you start about a month or two to study so that you wouldn\’t be so overwhelmed because there is so much stuff to study and it will give you enough time to practice questions before the exam date. 

What are the sections in the exam?  

The sessions in the exams include mathematics vocabulary grandma reading comprehension biology anatomy and Physiology physics. The language section covers grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and general knowledge. The math portion focuses on basic math skills including general math facts, decimals, fractions, household measures, and ratio and proportion. Science topics comprise biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology. 

Take Practice Exams online, anywhere you can find questions. Just keep practicing and do not give up. Practice the questions in the HESI REVIEW book. This is important because it really helped me during my exam. HESI nursing case studies and HESI practice tests. Remember that your nursing program may require you to purchase the resources from Elsevier. 

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