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How to Find a Person’s Usernames in all Social Media Platforms

Easily finding an individual online can be delicate, especially if you have only limited information. perhaps you are trying to get in touch with someone you met in a bar. maybe an old Facebook friend has stopped using the platform, and you want to know where they hang out online these days.

Whatever the reason, if you need software to help you track someone down on the internet, Social Analyzer is the stylish option.

What Is Social Analyzer?

Social Analyzer is a tool for analyzing and finding a person’s profile across more than 1000 social media sites and websites. Provided with the minimum of information, such as a username, you can check on which sites an individual has an account or profile.

Social Analyzer can be installed as either a Python app which runs in the terminal or as a web app which can be accessed through your browser.

With Social Analyzer, you can find a profile using multiple techniques and easily filter your results.

How to Install Social Analyzer

Social Analyzer will run on Windows, macOS, and Linux, including on a Raspberry Pi, although you’ll get the best results running Social Analyzer as a web app using Docker and docker-compose.

The easiest way to install it on all three platforms is as a Python package, so make sure you have Python PIP installed before you start, then:

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