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AI Writing Assistant, Content Creator and AI Image Generator

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AI Writer is a content generator and writing assistant tool to help create quality content with AI.



AI Content is a powerful SaaS software that allows your users to use sophisticated OpenAI Artificial Intelligence technology to generate AI images and various Text Contents, such as articles, blogs posts, Facebook ad copy, product description, rewrite content, media and more in 28 languages. Potentials of what your users can generate is basically endless. Users can also generate AI Images just by describing the image via OpenAI DALL-E AI Solution.

It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand text, allowing it to generate high-quality, unique content for your business. It’s writing assistant capability fits into any business and you can easily create engaging, SEO-friendly content for blog posts, articles, and more, saving you time and effort while improving your online presence.

It also helps users improve their writing style and accuracy, ensuring that all content is engaging and well-formatted. AI Content can be a great help for content creators, bloggers, students, and professionals.

Main Features:

  • Set any of OpenAI Models as needed (Ada, Babbage, Curie, Davinci)
  • Support for OpenAI DALL-E to generate AI Images
  • Support for Generating Text in 28 Languages
    • Blog Titles
    • Image Generator
    • Blog Section
    • Blog Ideas
    • Blog Intros
    • Blog Conclusion
    • Facebook Ads
    • Article Generator
    • Content Re-writer
    • Paragraph Generator
    • Talking Points
    • Pros & Cons
    • Summarize Text
    • Product Description
    • Startup Name Generator
    • Product Name Generator
    • Meta Description
    • FAQs
    • FAQ Answers
    • Testimonials/Reviews
  • Control Text Result Lengths
  • Convert any Template to Professional Category
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Export results in PDF and Word documents
  • Set Templates as Favorite
  • Control Template Category Access per User Group/Subscription Plan
  • Google 2FA Authentication
  • Google Adsense Support
  • Monitor User Spendings and Balance
  • Full Affiliate/Referral system
  • Fully Responsive Interface
  • Create Monthly Subscription Plans
  • Create Yearly Subscription Plans
  • Create Prepaid Plans

Various Included Payment Gateways:

    • Paypal (Online) (Monthly/Yearly/Prepaid)
    • Stripe (Online) (Monthly/Yearly/Prepaid)
    • Razorpay (Online) (Monthly/Yearly/Prepaid)
    • Paystack (Online) (Monthly/Yearly/Prepaid)
    • BankTransfer (Offline) (Monthly/Yearly/Prepaid)
    • Mollie (Online) (Monthly/Yearly/Prepaid)
    • Braintree (Online) (Prepaid)
    • Coinbase (Online) (Prepaid).

This software is ready and working perfectly.. all you need to do is buy, install on your server, launch and start using. We also offer installation service with a small charge. Please, contact us to discuss the pricing for complete installation and setup.



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