The Exact Way To Be Making $3,000 Monthly, Launching Your Own Web Application Software

The insider secrets to making over $3k+ per month, launching a successful web application software that generates consistent revenue.

Imagine this: you get paid $10 by 300 people, that’s a total of $3,000, which is nothing less than ₦2,205,000.

With that πŸ‘† amount, you can live an average life in Nigeria.

You can earn that money in one of two ways:

1). Buy and sell something at that price point to 300Β persons.

But then, the cost price & expenses will eat into the profit, not to talk of how inconsistent buying & selling can get

2). Launch a profitable web application software that 300+ people can use every month & in return give youΒ $10.

One web application software + 300 paying users + $10 every month. And you’ll be raking in ₦2.1 million in monthly revenues without writing a single line of code.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not

You’re probably already using and paying for Canva, Hubspot or Adobe Creative Cloud. These are few examples you can relate to.

Software business is one of the untapped oil money today, and the market is so large that you can launch your own web application software this week and start enjoying passive income.

But that's not all, and the best part of this?

Once you’ve launched your web application software, it’s a passive income stream that requires little to no ongoing maintenance, and you can get paid by users all over the globe without any restrictions.

Life will get easier for you, and you can spend your time doing the things you love, while your web application software generates revenue for you in the background.

But how do you get started?

Overthinking the perfect web application software to launch, the huge cost of developing and hiring a developer to build one from scratch as well as the time it will take to complete, test the software, fix bugs and all those delays before launching.

That’s a great way never to get started especially if you don’t have the huge capital and available resources to pull it through.

You don’t need to throw in huge capital, waste time and effort searching for the perfect web application software.

I have taken the hassle out of the process by providing profitable Ready-To-Use Web Application Software that will get you 300+ users who will be paying you $10 per month.

My latest launched web application software is an AI Content & Image Generator, with 800 active users with the least package of $7 to the max package of $25 per month. That’s aside the yearly and lifetime package which goes from $50-$95.

This could be you; but you can either get one of the web application software today, wait till God knows when to build yours or still, avoid taking any action.

Whatever you decide, my platform will still be active, my monthly earnings will continue to hit my bank account, and more people will continue to buy the web application software to generate the passive income they’ve desired.

That aside, here are 2 serious questions you’ve got to ask yourself:
1). Do you have a burning desire of creating an online business that prints money for you even while you sleep?

2). Are you ready to take action immediately or you want to keep procrastinating while keep wishing your life could get better?

But here is what I think; since you’ve read this far – It shows you’re ready to grab your own market share of the software industry and start creating a passive income for yourself.

What are the things Needed to Launch My Web Application Software?

You don’t need to break the bank to get started, the number 1 thing you need is a burning desire to start, then comes the following:

β‡’ Buy Any of the Web Application Software that Meets Your Interest
β‡’ Get a Reliable Hosting + Domain Name &
β‡’ Marketing Materials & Promotion

That’s all. The web application software programsΒ  are very affordable, and if you buy any of the web application software today, you setup or we help you setup for a very small fee. This can happen in less than a day, and your software is ready to hit the market.

Would you rather spend $5k-10k and above to build a web application software from scratch or spend $50 to get one that’s already built, working perfectly, and will still be printing money for you monthly?

If your answer is YES & you are READY

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